SPAM – Support Package Manager

Please find below technical details.

Package: SPAM

Selection Screen: 100


Start with variant: Not Applicable

Authorization Object: No object is checked at the start of transaction

GUI Support:

SAPGUI for WindowsYES

Application Component: BC-UPG-OCS

Object directory entry: R3TR TRAN SPAM

Related Jobs:

Job NameReport Name

Related Tables:

Table nameDescription
PAT00Patch Steps
PAT01Patch Status
PAT02General Table for Saving Check Results
PAT03OCS Package Directory
PAT03_PREOCS Package Directory: Imported Pre-Packages
PAT05SAP Patch Manager Settings
PAT06Component-Specific Patches
PAT07Support Package Prerequisites
PAT07_ACPImport Prerequisites for Packages Referenced by ACP
PAT08Extended Support Package Attributes
PAT08_ACPExtended Attributes for Packages Referenced by ACP
PAT09Patch History
PAT10OCS Semaphore
PAT10BOCS Semaphore Extension for Batch Operation
PAT11Linking Master and Sub-Support Packages (Compound Sup. Pkgs)
PAT13Description of OCS File Sections
PATACPList of Packages with Attribuets Changed by ACP
PATCONFLConflicts Between OCS Packages and Add-Ons (with Objects)
PATLOGLogging Table for Transaction SPAM/SAINT
PATLOG3New Logging Table for TA SPAM/SAINT
PATRTCONFOCS Runtime Analysis: Configuration Data
PATRTPHASEOCS Runtime Analysis: Import Phases
PATRTVERSOCS Runtime Analysis: Component Version
PATRTVERS2OCS Runtime Analysis: Component Version
PATSAREXTRACTUnpacked SAPCAR Archive Information

Related Views:

View NameView Description
VE071LOCKFLAGInternal SL: View of E071 Lock Flag for Mass Updates

Related Transactions:

Transaction NameDescription
SAINTAdd-On Installation Tool


SPAM Support Package Manager

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