SAP Transactions

SPAU – Display Modified Objects

Quick Start Guide for Transaction SPAU 1. Start a new action protocol Choose Utilities->Action Protocol->Create new Protocol on the entry screen of transaction SPAU in order to create new action protocol. 2. Transfer UPL usage data Provided that UPL measurement is configured in the SAP Solution Manager, transfer the latest usage information by executing Utilities->Configure

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ST22OLD – Old Dump Analysis

ST22OLD is an old alternative transaction for ST22 for analyzing SAP dumps. Data is fetched from SNAP tables (Check Related Tables). Please find below technical details. Package: SABP_RABAX Selection Screen: 500 Program: SAPMS380 Authorization Object: S_DEVELOP object is checked at the start of the transaction with Activity (ACTVT) 03 (Display) and Object type (OBJTYPE): DEBUG

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