SM:SERVICE CONTENT UPDATE job fails with the error “No Authorization”

In the Solution Manager system, SM:SERVICE CONTENT UPDATE job fails with the error “No Authorization”


Root cause:  With SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP11 a new user called SM_SM2B was introduced. The user authorization needs to be updated.


1) Please download the updated role SAP_SM_COMM from SAP Note 2250709 – Solution Manager 7.2: End-User Roles and Authorizations Corrections as of SP01 and higher 

  • Download the roles in the attachment onto your PC.
  • Unpack the zip file.
  • Log on as administrator (or DDIC).
  • Go to transaction PFCG in SAP Solution Manager.
  • In the menu, choose function: Upload.
  • Upload the roles into the system.

If the role already exists then reupload the updated one. Click “Continue” on the below screen

2) Please update user SM_SM2B with current authorization role SAP_SM_COMM

3) In case you have already existing users with role assignments, proceed as follows:

  • Use transaction  SOLMAN_SETUP, and navigate to the step where you can create users (for the user/role you want to update). –> Mandatory Configuration–>System Preparation –> Step 5 “Maintain Technical Users”
  • Use Action: Update User Roles.

4) If you do not yet have an existing user, then, in that case, use transaction SOLMAN_SETUP and create the user according to role assignment.

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