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Some old obsolete child systems may still be present in the CUA (Central User Administration) config. So it’s always better to do a clean-up and delete those child systems.

Please follow the below steps to do so:

1.  Log on to the central system using the user having access to CUA-related transactions (SCUA, SCUL, SCUG, SCUM)

2.  Execute report RSDELCUA using SE38/SA38.

3.  In the Delete group box, choose the Child system option, and enter the child systems to be removed from the CUA (for example, using input help).

4.  Set the Test indicator, and choose Execute. The system displays an overview of the data to be deleted. You can jump to transaction SE16 by double-clicking.

5. If you are satisfied with the test result, go Back and deselect the test indicator. Then choose Execute. The system displays an overview of the deleted data.

Report RSDELCUA: Deleting Child systems

6.  In transaction WE20, under Partner profiles for Partner Type LS, delete the message types CCLONE and USERCLONE for the receiving system (child system).

7. In the Implementation Guide (IMG, transaction SALE), choose Modeling and Implementing Business –>Processes –>Maintain Distribution Model and Distribution Views (or transaction BD64).

8.  In change mode, delete the methods for the child system which are under the CUA distribution model. Save your entries.

9.  Distribute the distribution model by choosing Edit –> Model View –> Distribute and select the child system you have just deleted in the selection on the dialog window.

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