How to do mass locking of printers in SAP ?

We can lock printers using SPAD individually, but SAP doesn’t provide a standard option to lock printers in mass.
But there is always a workaround.

  1. Go to SPAD –>Utilities –> For Output devices –> Export Devices
  2. Select options as below screen and execute. A pop-up will open to save the data as a text file.

Export devices via SPAD

3. Open the text file and “replace all” the text PADISABLED = “” with PADISABLED = “X”. This parameter defines the lock entry for a printer. Save the file.


4. Now re-upload this edited file on SAP using SPAD –> Utilities –> For Output Devices –>Import Devices. Execute and a pop-up will appear to select the file.

Import devices via SPAD

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