How to reset sa password on SAP ASE Sybase ?

While upgrading or patching SAP ASE Sybase database, we need credentials for user sa in the SAP secure store. Otherwise, you will get below error:

Error: sapdbctrl: Failed to logon sa. Please provide valid sa credentials in the SAP Secure Store.
Error: saphostcontrol: LiveDatabaseUpdate failed <sapdbctrl exit code = 1>

Solution is to reset the sa password.

To reset the sa credentials follow below steps:

  1. Logon to isql session with sapsso login to change sa password :

isql -S <SID> -U sapsso -P <sapsso_password> -X
use master
alter login sa with password “<sapsso_password>” modify password “<new_sa_password>”

isql is stored under %Sybase%\<SID>\OCS-<version>\bin

isql command to reset the sa password

2. Login as <SID>adm and use rsecssfx command to update ‘sa’ password in SAP Secure Store:

rsecssfx put DB_CONNECT/SYB/SAUPDDB_USER sa -plain

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