CIM and CR content update in SLD

SAP Solution Manager stores the information about all the managed systems, along with the SAP CIM model and software descriptions from the SAP Software catalog (SAP CR content)

In old releases, SLD sends and synchronizes CIM model and CR content with LMDB.
But since, Solution Manager 7.2 SP09, we can automate the import of CIM model and CR content directly into LMDB. So no SLD is required in this case.

In case you have old release of Solution Manager, so you will need to update CIM and CR content on SLD manually.

How to access Java system ?

SAP Java home page : <hostname>: 5<instance number>00/

How to get SLD url ?

SLD url: <hostname>: 5<instance number>00/sld

After entering admin user and password, you should see below screen

SLD main screen

How to update CIM and CR on SLD ?

Download the latest version

Go to Software Downloads –>Support Packages and Patches –>By Alphabetical Index (A-Z) –> C
Search for “SAP CR CONTENT”

SAP CR CONTENT download screen

Click on the SAP CR CONTENT <current/latest year>. In my case, I have downloaded files for 2021.


Few points which are to be explained before you proceed to update CIM and CR contents:

  1. Always download the latest CIM model file from the SAP CR CONTENT <highest available year>. CIM model files are cumulative so we only need the latest available CIM model file to import into SLD. At the time of writing this blog, latest available SAP CR CONTENT was for 2021. So we downloaded the latest available “” file.
download the latest file

2. For CR Content, Download the “CRDeltaxxxxx” files for each subsequent years. Like for eg. in my system, CR content was on version 14.4 which corresponds to CR CONTENT 2018. So to update the CR content to 2021, I have to download the latest CRDeltaxxxx files for each 2018, 2019, 2020 and then finally for year 2021. Check below table for the relation between the versions and the CR CONTENT <Year>

SAP_CR Content version on SLDCR CONTENT <Year>Latest file name available
17.xSAP CR CONTENT 2021CRDelta1716*.ZIP
16.xSAP CR CONTENT 2020CRDelta161611_0-70005202.ZIP
15.xSAP CR CONTENT 2019CRDelta151610_0-80004391.ZIP
14.xSAP CR CONTENT 2018CRDelta141612_0-80003581.ZIP
13.xSAP CR CONTENT 2017CRDelta131604_0-80003282.ZIP
10.xSAP CR CONTENT 2014CRDelta101613_0-20012029.ZIP
9.xSAP CR CONTENT 2013CRDelta91615_0-20010858.ZIP
SAP CR version on SLD

3. Always import CIM model file first and then the CR files in sequence as per the year.

Update CIM and CR content:

On the SLD screen, click on “Administration” –> Import

Administration --> Import

Below screen will show you the current CIM and CR content version. To update, click on “Choose file” and select the downloaded “” file to first update the CIM model version. Then click on “Import…” to start the import.

Load CIM model or CIM data import screen

Click on “Continue Import”

Continue Import

It will run only a few seconds and import will be finished

Import of CIM model finished

Now update the SAP CR version one by one. Currently we are on SAP_CR 14.4 (SAP CR CONTENT 2018), so we will have to import the latest files for each of 2018, 2019, 2020 and then finally 2021.

So first, I had to import the latest “CRdeltaxxxxxx” file for CR CONTENT 2018.

Load CRdelta files

It will run for few minutes depending upon the file size

Import in progress

Once finished, import the next year file for 2019 and so on.

SAP_CR from version 14.12 to version 15.10
SAP_CR from version 15.10 to version 16.11
SAP_CR from version 16.11 to version 17.0

Once all the files are imported, check the “Details” to verify the versions

Check the version
Current version

If you get error while synchronizing CR content from SLD to LMDB then check our blog SAP CR Content version 15.8 in LMDB lower than source 17.0

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