How to update SAP Hostagent?

SAP recommends always keeping your SAP hostagent updated. Also, it is actually quite a simple and easy-to-do procedure that doesn’t require any downtime of your SAP system.

Please follow the below steps to update the SAP host agent:

  1. First, go to SAP Downloads and download the latest version available for the SAP Hostagent
    The SAR files should be available under Support Packages and patches –>By Category –> SAP TECHNOLOGY COMPONENTS –> SAP HOST AGENT –> SAP HOST AGENT 7.21
  2. Choose your Operating system and download the latest available file. Also, download the latest version of SAPCAR for your OS to extract the SAPHOSTAGENTxxxx.SAR file
SAP hostagent 7.21 downloads

3. Now extract the contents of the SAR file in a temporary folder using SAPCAR

sapcar -xvf <saphostagentxxxxx.SAR filename> -R <temporary directory>


extraction of SAP HOSTAGENT SAR file using SAPCAR

4. Once the SAR file has been extracted, go to that particular temporary folder and execute the below command :

saphostexec -upgrade

5. Upgrade process takes only a few seconds to finish.

6. Check the version and verify the completion of the upgrade. That you can do so by following our blog: How to check SAP Hostagent version.

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